No asylum and immigration law has ever been as draconian as the one presented to the Council of Ministers on February 2018

After a demonstration that was able to gather more than 3,000 people, the BAAM invites you to an action to raise awareness of public opinion in Paris transport.

  Join us on Saturday, March 24th at 15:30 at the BAAM headquarted (74 Avenue Denfert Rochereau); we will be heading from there to the Parisian subway and bus to start the action. To organize ourselves well, you can fill out the registration form in advance but last-minute entries are more than welcome. We will then meet together at 18h at la Fontaine des Innoncents, place Joachim du Bellay for speeches and a surprise concert. We call onto organizations, collectives, unions and political parties that supported the last action of the BAAM to join us. Please send us a direct message or an email to!