The French commission of the BAAM organizes free French classes in Paris. Classes are held in various places such as public libraries, cultural or social centers. Our classes are free and no registration is needed. They are “emergency” classes, with a minimum of means and for people that can’t afford or get acces to other french classes. We also put up “Tandems linguistiques” wich is the encounter between a native french speaking person and a migrant.

You’re welcome to join any of our classes with still room for new students!

French language courses

Find a class

French language courses are free and without registration. They are open to beginners and all other learning levels.

In order to resume university studies, directly fill in the Resome registration form.

Map of libraries in Paris and Ile-de-France for self-study: CartO-FLE Ile-de-France (in French). In yellow, books and online resources to study French. In blue they offer conversation workshops in addition to self-study resources.

Resources to other structures: The Network-Alpha search engine is a directory of structures offering French classes in Ile-de-France. Call structures for availability. Classes are also available through the Paris CMA, city program of courses for adults.

You speak and write French?

Over sixteen weekly classes are now taught in Paris and its suburbs, trying to fill a growing and complex demand.

We are always looking for facilities and teaching materials (notebook, pens, veledas). We are looking for motivated volunteers to give French lessons and literacy, and support us in the development and coordination of the project.

How to volunteer

Join our Facebook group discussion: Bienvenue chez toi.

To volunteer as a teacher for Bienvenue chez toi, join us and send an email at See the page in French for more details and educational resources.

Email us directly at for any other question.

Conversation workshops

Volunteers at the BAAM can connect migrants with French speakers in pairs to form conversation tandems, so they can practice French and talk about life in France. The BAAM has already formed more than 200 tandems since October 2016!