“Creating encounters through creation” is what we aim for.

Our cultural section is in charge of organizing relaxed cultural and sports activities for BAAM, as well as setting up artistic events and workshops (music, dance, drawing etc). Our goal is also to promote the association’s artistic projects and creations, and to support cultural and artistic partnerships. Our vision is that creating social interactions, reaching to different communities through art and cross-cultural exchange constitute powerful means to inform the public and raise awareness about the ways migrants are treated in France and Europe.

Workshops and activities

Every workshop is free and open to all. Beginners are welcome. It’s not required to speak French to come. All year long we organize visits and outings. If you have a project or wish to help organize cultural activities such as museum visits or movies, contact us at: baam.culturel@gmail.com  

Artistic workshop

Every other Sunday from 4pm to 7pm. Next ones : 7th of October, 21st of October, 4th of November, 18th of November, 2nd of December, 16th of December. Centre Culturel FGO-Barbara 1, rue Fleury – 75018 Paris Métro : Barbès (Lignes 2 et 4)

Urban dance & hip-hop

We are looking for volunteer ready to teach for at least a couple of workshops, ideally in a row.
Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. At le 104, building le Cinq (room 22) 5 rue Curial – 75019 Paris Métro station: Riquet (Line 7)

Theatre Working group

Theater working group open to everyone and especially to refugees from all countries, once a week at Espaces Jemmapes.
Wednesdays from 5pm to 7pm. Espaces Jemmapes 116 quai de Jemmapes – 75010 Paris Metro : Gare de l’Est (lignes 4, 5, 7)
Contact : jessica.lempereur.jl@gmail.com and on the Facebook group « Atelier théâtre réfugiés BAAM »


We’re looking for a choirmaster Motivated and available to relaunch Baam’s Choral ? Contact us at baam.culturel@gmail.com

Call to artists

To encourage dialogue and to support new ways of bringing people together through original artistic projects, BAAM works with a network of artists, cartoonists, singers, musicians, dancers… All are welcome to help ! Feel free to talk around you about us, or print, distribute and put on display the flyers below.

Contact: baam.culturel@gmail.com

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  We organise concerts, diners and chill Sundays. Check out all events here